How To Shop Dollar Tree

How To Shop Dollar Tree

How To Shop Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree can be a wonderful resource for cutting your grocery bill. Not only is everything just $1 or less, they take coupons! This was not always the case. They have only been taking coupons for a few years. You may also find that using coupons at Dollar Tree is not always the easiest.

This is in part to a few reasons. First is that at lot of the products can be smaller size then the coupon allows. It is not always that way but it is something you have to keep an eye on, and make sure the product matches the size and restrictions on the coupon.

Dollar Tree does not allow more then one coupon to be used on a product. You can read the full Dollar Tree Coupon Policy here. The ONLY way that you can stack coupons at Dollar Tree is if you use a coupon in the store to buy the product and then submit for a Checkout 51 offer or an iBotta offer. This is allowed because Checkout 51 and iBotta are like rebates and are not used in the store.

Another reason why Dollar Tree is a little harder to coupon at, is because note all stores carry the same products. Some stores carry more name brands then others. All of the deals on this site are to be used as a guide to know what to keep an eye out for but not a guarantee that it will be at your store.

Please note that Dollar Tree does have the right to reject any coupon, even if it is a coupon that can be used on that product. If you have this happen you can talk to the manger at your store to see why it is being rejected. If you have other Dollar Tree locations near you, sometimes I just go to the next store.


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  1. Hi-please let me know how and or where I can get the True Lemon.
    I have searched several Dollar Tree stores in my immediate area…Schaumburg, Streamwood, Villa Park-some stores in Chicago…

    • Hi Denise, sorry to hear you have not been able to find the True Lemon at your stores. I found it at mine near the sugar and drink mixes. However items do vary from store to store. That is the one thing I do not like about Dollar Tree =( I wish they had the same items at all stores. Maybe they will get it at your store soon.

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